What are the intelligent toys for infants and young children

2019-11-28  795

Children's educational toys can letchildren develop intelligence and increase intelligence in the process ofplaying. There are many kinds of educational toys in the market, but not all ofthem are "real materials", just in vain. So, what are children'seducational toys?

1. Ring: 3-month-old babies can play withring in one hand. They start to try the functions of touch, feeling, vision ortaste. The sound of shaking the "ring" can also train the baby'shearing. The simplest toy of this kind is the first step in developing a baby'sintelligence.

2. Balls: 6-month-old babies are interestedin everything that can move. The color ball that can roll is the mostattractive to them. With one push of hand, the ball will roll forward and thebaby will climb and chase the ball. If the mother can play with them, it willbe better.

3. Building blocks: 8-month-old babies willstart to use two hands when facing building blocks. They know that when twoblocks collide, they will make a noise. If one block is stacked on the other,it will be higher than a single block, and can also be stacked into manydifferent shapes.

4. Shape box: through this kind of toy,children can know that the opening of one shape only allows the same shape ofobjects to pass through. Let children know different shapes of dailynecessities through toys, which are more suitable for 18 month old infants.

5. Play with sand: after 18 months,children have learned that they can't put everything in their mouths at will,so they can play with sand. Provide all kinds of small tools, such as smallshovel, small rake, small bucket, etc., to let children play the creativeability to build sand piles into various shapes.

6. Doll: a two-year-old can express hislove and dislike. If there are dolls, especially girls, they can treat dolls astheir mothers treat them, wash their faces, dress, feed, praise or blame them.

7. Folding cup: for a two-year-old child,the folding cup toy can be folded into a high tower or a single cup, and smallbuilding blocks or other small things can be hidden in the folding cup tosearch again. Children can know that some things, though invisible to theireyes, are actually there.

8. Picture book: the two-year-old childrenalready know a lot of things. How much fun it would be if they could find thethings they know in the picture book! Parents can also teach their childrenmore things through picture books. This kind of painting is of course simple inline and bright in color.

9. Toy car: by the end of two years old,children have been able to basically control all parts of their bodies and candrive "small cars". If the "car" can also carry some oftheir own small toys, and they can act as transport drivers, it's really fun.

10. Dragging toys: children will befascinated by the "animals" they can walk with. In addition toknowing these "animal friends", they will gradually understand thatthis rope has such a driving force, which is more enlightening than thoseelectric toy cars with dry batteries.